Branded Merchandise and Promo Goods

Promotional goods are a great way to push your brand awareness further. We will help you select, design and produce brand stamped products that will stick with your customers – not only in their pocket but in the back of their minds. Trade shows, conventions, awards and in-store giveaways; we can design and manufacture it custom for your business.

Product Selection

First things first, we need to understand your business so as to identify products which best suit your goals and budget. We’re not here to sell you cookie cutter monotony. Our team works to offer unique, project-based creative solutions to help you break the mold, excite your audience and help your business thrive.

Custom Design

Allow us to deliver a design package tailored for your consideration. Our team of in-house designers have years of experience crafting bespoke designs that exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Quality Assurance

We take optimal steps to ensure the products you order are delivered as you expect. In doing so we run internal quality control on all items that we ship, pulling a portion of the overall shipment to perform spot checks on and liaising with the supplier to rectify issues that may arise. To ensure optimal quality assurance we actively choose to work closely with suppliers we trust and who have delivered for our clients time and time again.

Warehousing, Fulfillment and Inventory Management

You can rely on our warehouse and inventory team to house, ship and track your products effectively. Our in-house fulfillment team can choose, pack and ship your items ensuring they’re on their way to customers or internal teams quickly. Our inventory management processes ensure that you’re always cost effective and up to date with the status of your product inventory.

Our Process

How it works

Our process is built around client satisfaction. Every step is designed to ensure you will receive a quality product and design you’re excited about.

  1. Discovery
  2. Design Package
  3. Review an Revise
  4. Finalize Package
  5. Production
  6. Quality Check
  7. Delivery
Branded Products

What we can create

The list of brand merchandise continues to grow - opening up endless opportunities to put your brand in the hands of your customers. Work with our experts to select the most memorable or simply purposeful item for your specific application.

  • Swell and Water Bottles
  • Event Items (Tents, Tablecloths, etc.)
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Notebooks
  • Medals
  • Bags and Backpacks
  • Cups and Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Lanyards
  • Pop Socket
  • Koozies

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