Wyeast Laboratories Custom Sweatshirt

Wyeast Laboratories

A premium fabric reflects exceptional brand voice


Wyeast Laboratories has been sharing their passion for premium fermentation products with craft beverage enthusiasts for over 30 years. Tucked away in Hood River, Oregon, where Mt. Hood meets the Columbia River Gorge, Wyeast Laboratories creates products for brewers, wine and cider makers, distillers, and other enthusiasts to reflect the purity and reliability these great landmarks represent. This region is rich in craft beverage and fermentation culture, and home to some of the best breweries and wineries in the world. Since 1986, they’ve been leading the way by providing premium fermentation products.


Having first connected with Wyeast at Great American Beer Festival, they came to us in search of custom branded apparel solutions which reflected their premium brand. With lifestyle merchandise being a growing trend within the brewing industry, Wyeast was looking to stay ahead of the curve. Specifically, they sought exceptional fabrics and a clean look and feel to their apparel which would portray their brand voice accurately to customers. It was also key that their image be maintained through great design. Working with a third party designer to capture what they needed, our role was to not only produce and deliver great products, but to ensure quality control in terms of ensuring the designs were adaptable for apparel production. We did this by turning their mockups into tech package project overviews for production and by creating cut sheets, which involved determining the size of the logos and other decorations and placing them accordingly on the cutsheets.

Wyeast Laboratories Custom Tee
Wyeast Laboratories Hoodie and Tee


Our immediate solution was clear for their new shirts: VersaTek™. Carefully blended with polyester, rayon, and spandex, our exclusively licensed VersaTek™ material was developed, created, and processed to combine a characteristic that we value most in apparel: quality. This complex tri-blend is durable without sacrificing comfort, it never shrinks, and it comes out of the dryer looking freshly ironed. With moisture wicking components, the fabric breathes, and as a bonus, it’s soil resistant. With Wyeast Laboratories settling on producing custom branded tees for employees and customers, these incredibly well received t-shirts will deliver on Wyeast’s promise of quality for years to come, while earning their brand more than 100,000 estimated physical interactions per year.

Wyeast Laboratories T-Shirt