Rewarding Clients and Prospects with Merchandise Helps Them to Feel Good


Welltok is a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company with a passion to truly improve people’s health. They work to create personalized programs that make it easy and rewarding for their consumers to complete actions that optimize their health and wellbeing. 

As a long-term client, Welltok sought out our help to create custom merchandise with bespoke packaging. They needed promotional products to give to prospective and current clients during large healthcare conferences with enough to share with employees. Overall, Welltok wanted to reward their clients, prospects, and employees with custom merchandise and branded apparel to align with their core health values. After all, who doesn’t feel good when presented with a free product that meets their needs?


When Welltok reached out, they wanted high-profile branding on unique products to connect with their potential and current customer’s business needs. They wanted their strong brand presence to extend to the product packaging.

Our team collaborated with Welltok and quickly decided on Car Mounts (packaged in a custom, branded box), Webcam Sliders (with branded backer cards) and custom Socks (packaged in a custom, brand sleeve) to meet their specific needs. The unique challenge in this project came in the production process itself.  Both the client and FlowState wanted to get the packaging just-right, so we took some extra time to sample the products before moving into full production.


You might be aware that we produce custom branded apparel and merchandise, but did you know we also can design and produce bespoke packaging? Welltok needed their brand to be prominently displayed on the products and packaging. Not only did the products need to be highly functional so clients and prospects would use them outside of conferences and events but Welltok needed to make a lasting and memorable impression. We’re proud to work with trusted suppliers, and in the case of this project, our suppliers helped us to again deliver custom packaging that elevated the presentation of the brand, which many of our competitors are unable to do. We worked closely with our factory partner and provided designs for the products and packaging to match the Welltok branding. The packaging featured copy that aligned closely with the purposeful products (such as “we’ve got you covered with personalized wellbeing solutions” for the Webcam sliders), giving the promotional goods a distinct and individualized feel.

Welltok is on a mission to optimize health, one consumer at a time. The branded merchandise and custom packaging we produced for Welltok personalizes the experience for their clients and prospects. Getting and staying healthy has never been so inspiring.