The Brewing Network

Crafting a distinctive online voice for a vast multimedia resource


The Brewing Network is a multimedia resource for both beer brewers and beer lovers. From their headquarters in Concord, California, they produce live streaming radio, podcasts, and video featuring the best professional and homebrewers from around the globe to share their love of craft beer with fans.

With their old website in need of a refresh, The Brewing Network was seeking a partner who could not only help design and build out their new online destination, but who could update their brand identity via the website, including the design of key logo assets for their podcasts.



With the podcast industry being a competitive and growing market, it was important for The Brewing Network to position themselves as the leaders they are. As such, it was crucial that their web destination was not only a presentation of all of their media, but that it served the dual purpose of attracting advertisers through a quality audience engagement. Their website needed to be an easy-to-use and enjoyable experience for their visitors, representing the brand professionally.

The old site (and expanding site map) was initially developed in house. The team had done a great job of building new pages in response to their growing needs, but overall the homepage on the website had become convoluted and the user interface (including navigation and design aesthetic) needed a more modern touch.

Certain functionalities were also required. To increase productivity, podcast content needed to auto-populate from iTunes to the website, and there was a need to carry over large quantities of content from their old website to the new one. This included over 1500 media posts while catering to limitations in the lay-outs of pages for the podcasts.

Lastly, with such a distinctive brand voice, it was paramount that this sense of personality was carried through to design and UX and implemented in a way that allowed The Brewing Network to continue standing out from the crowd.


Beginning with discovery, we set about understanding The Brewing Network’s business, goals and brand voice. We quickly uncovered that The Brewing Network is a down-to-earth culture and mindset, with a distinct yet approachable ‘edge’ and a casual and informal sense of professionalism. In short, they are people you could enjoy a beer with, and their brand voice is an extension of how their podcasts sound.

Applying this information into the design, we created an aesthetically pleasing and functional dashboard that essentially served as the centrepiece of the site – a fresh, bold introduction to what the brand has going on which would allow you to easily traverse to other pages.

In this instance, we used the website design process as an opportunity to inform the direction on the graphic design of the new individual show logos, further developing the brand identity beyond that of the website. This also included revisions to messaging (voice and tone) as well as overall look and feel of the brand.

When their new online destination went live, The Brewing Network was overwhelmed with the positive feedback they received from website visitors and sponsors alike. Not only did the newly designed website save them money through increased productivity, but a number of sponsorship opportunities were attributed to the professional face the new website extended from the brand. Overall, they were delighted with the new platform.

We’re excited to continue working with The Brewing Network, hosting their site and managing updates as well as delivering more trending graphic design work such as new show logos and the marketing collateral needed to promote this thriving brand.