Professionally Communicating Intricate Engineering Offerings In a Simple Yet Elevated Online Forum


With a passion for engineering supported by a strong foundation of values and a desire to learn, Syncroness goes beyond to deliver for their clients. Their tailored approach to each unique project, elevates Syncroness above what is the standard in their industry.

The engineering field is both broad and complex. Syncroness thrives in a complex environment and has achieved great success in the industry by providing valuable expertise, quality-assured and highly-efficient solutions to product development. However, over time their site had become dated and was falling short in presenting their business. Syncroness needed a website design that better represented their professional standing but also better communicated their intricate offerings to prospective clients.


Our challenge was to design an established brand aesthetic and develop a strategic information architecture to present their entire range of services in a format that was easy to navigate and understand. Knowing they exist in a competitive market, our ability to interpret Syncroness’ needs, message and goals helped to form a collaborative partnership which would showcase their company’s ability to deliver.


Our first step in amplifying their online presence was discovering what Syncroness is all about: their audience, their complex services, and their goals as a business. This understanding of who they are as a company and their customers needs provided a strong foundation for the concept design. The concept design phase is the step in our process where we design the homepage UX and UI and outline the comprehensive sitemap. It allows clients to gain an understanding of the visual and navigational components of their new homepage and it forms the basis for full site design. In the case of Syncroness, the concept design process was more involved due to the importance of a strategic UX. Selecting what information to display, in what order and in what amounts are key considerations during this phase.

With a strong user experience in place on the home page, we began mapping how content would be used across the entire site, and in what formats and forms. Our team began by researching their competitor keywords and identifying organic keyword opportunities. Organic keyword suggestions were built into wireframes helping to guide decisions made during the content creation phase.

With the full site design process playing out simultaneously to content creation, we knew an elevated website which simply outlined the services Syncroness offered and the complexity of the engineering field was our final goal when moving into the development phase of the website build.


Developing the website on WordPress in a staging site always meant this would be a reasonably straightforward build, however there were some quirks to the presentation of information which required custom functionality. The first of which was pulling content specific case studies to highlight on each of the services pages. Advanced custom fields were also built and added to tailored information fields in the CMS allowing for specific case studies to be presented on the Resource Center page. This filter allows visitors to browse through specific markets and problems solved, presenting case studies which answer their questions. Lastly, with much of the content in the Resource Center requiring the capture of an email address in order for the user to access a download of the full content, we worked closely with Syncroness’ marketing automation provider to integrate required functionality into the site build. The outcome was a crisp, clean design that feels fluid without losing the overall aesthetic of balance, combined with the functionality of an effective and robust website.

Working with Syncroness was a successful project in collaboration. They sought to modernize their website (both in UX and UI), and we delivered. We created a website that not only aesthetically represents their brand but also organizes their messaging, positively impacting the user’s experience. In doing so we were able to streamline the presentation of their company and offerings, while crafting an online destination that amplified their online presence, culture, and value as a whole.