A simply designed website drives customer growth


Pushing some of the highest quality, purest and most potent products the cannabis industry has ever seen, Spherex has products with a different approach to the cannabis industry – high-grade cannabis for sophisticated people. They just needed an all-in-one marketing hub to build and power a “dank” digital marketing strategy. So we built them a killer website designed to leverage the brand’s awareness and following.



As Spherex are a team of engineers focused on delivering sophisticated products, we had our work cut out for us; our design needed speak to the value of the products from an engineering viewpoint, but the high-level information presented must be easily digested by a range of potential customers. The goal was for the site to be simple and refined, but educational and impactful.


Establishing early on that the site would be designed in two phases was crucial. It was determined that Phase 1 would be a refresh of the current site whilst also building the foundations for a complete overhaul in the near future (Phase 2). With that we landed on a simple, one page site design, with Phase 2 being the enhancement of that infrastructure into a multi-page website.

Keeping with this theme of simplicity the UX was built to feel like a multi-page site within a single page application, embedded with a mobile style ‘hamburger’ menu and overlaid with a menu screen.

With sophistication of the product being a key feature, the aesthetic needed to be as trendy as possible. By trimming down the number of elements included on the page, we were able to amp up the interactiveness and design. Built on WordPress, the site also needed to be sleek, sexy and high end. A key functionality requirement was that the site needed to highlight the educational graphics created specifically for this purpose. The solution was a very simplistic design with unique hover animations and graphic animations for communicating the educational aspects of the product.

The end result? A sophisticated yet simplified site that felt fully customized, single-page and informative without being information heavy.