Reflecting brand identity through custom branded apparel


SketchUp, formerly Google Sketchup, is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as building architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. Each year they produce new sock designs for onboarding employees and for use at trade shows. SketchUp was looking for a partner who could produce quality socks that represented their brand that could take an idea and bring it to fruition.


With the client looking for quality sock designs, it was important that their new agency understood – and could deliver upon – their needs. With other suppliers pushing SketchUp to use sublimation or decoration methods that had previously failed, they wanted a partner they could trust in. Our approach always starts with discovery: we listen to our client and what they actually need. Then it’s on to R&D allowing us to quote prices with quality in mind and solidify the client’s budget. Once viability of budget is confirmed, we begin design work, sample making and client approvals. In the case of SketchUp, we built a customer service relationship they could put faith in by explaining the design process in detail and suggesting features in the sock that would allow SketchUp to produce a product that met their expectations of quality.



Our goal is to provide our clients the best result for their budget: in the case of SketchUp we delivered the best product within their bottom line. We recommended producing ‘custom knit’ socks instead of sublimating onto the sock; sublimated socks tend to show up white when they are stretched, whereas knit socks remain true to color even when stretching. We suggested a cycling sock cut; it’s lightweight and breathable around the foot but supportive at the ankle. We were able to apply quality to the price due to the higher quantities being ordered by the client and dynamically adjusted how we approached the order to fit the clients needs.

SketchUp was beyond thrilled, they absolutely loved the socks and as a result we were able to pitch on 13 different products for an annual trade show. We won each separate product as part of the bid and proudly look forward to continuing our relationship with this inspiring brand.