Walkable, wearable billboards provide brand awareness for years to come


SketchUp, formerly Google SketchUp, is a 3D modeling computer program which offers a wide range of drawing applications such as building architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. Absolutely thrilled with socks we produced for them, SketchUp subsequently invited us to pitch on 13 different products for SketchUp Basecamp 2018, a biennial event. We won each separate product as part of the bid and proudly look forward to continuing our relationship with this inspiring brand.


It was important to SketchUp that their custom branded apparel and promotional goods partner not only understood, but could deliver upon their needs. Having recently produced high quality and cost competitive branded socks for SketchUp, we had built a customer service relationship they could confidently place faith in. However, with the scope of products including stickers, sunglasses, water bottles, flash drives, towels, t-shirts and dry bags, we were keen to continue to prove our ability.

As always, our approach started with discovery; listening to our client and what their needs were. Because SketchUp planned to order considerable quantities of each item, and the difference in cents per unit could add up to thousands saved on the overall budget, it was key to maintain high quality items. This became the focus of the project.



Wanting to continue to deliver the best for SketchUp, we again sought to deliver premium products with costs that fit within their bottom line. In putting forward quality products, it was our VersaTek™ material that really caught their eye. Made with a carefully chosen tri-blend of material, the signature VersaTek™ material is developed, created, and processed to combine all of the characteristics that we value most in apparel. This complex tri-blend is durable without sacrificing comfort, never shrinks, and comes out of the dryer looking like it was freshly ironed. VersaTek™ has moisture wicking components to the fabric, so it breathes, and as a bonus it’s soil resistant. With all of these fantastic qualities, SketchUp didn’t need to worry about presentation when gifting attendees – the tee’s would come out of the dry bags in mint condition. Additionally, for the staff who would be wearing them for a few days in a row, there were no concerns of the tees wrinkling or looking disheveled. With over 1200 event attendees plus conference staff, these custom branded t-shirts were a huge hit!

Not only were SketchUp Basecamp 2018 attendees and staff thrilled with their VersaTek™ tee’s, but the dry bags became the sleeper hit of the conference. Specially sourced canvas and nylons were utilized with seam taping and key craftsmanship to produce dry bags, which were used not only by SketchUp to pack and gift the swag but as gym and pool bags by attendees.

It was clear to see that attendees loved their SketchUp branded swag bags. Not only were they actively wearing their tees and using their dry bags, but the sunglasses, water bottles, flash drives, and towels were also proudly on parade at the event. With this much love for these high quality, design trending, apparel and promo goods, it was clear that attendees placed a high value on the products. As a result, SketchUp could conservatively expect that these wearable billboard items would earn their brand more than 1,080,000 physical interactions over the course of 12 months, increasing awareness of the SketchUp brand for years to come.