Using Branded Merchandise to Turn Beer-Loving Consumers into Highly Engaged Customers


Revolution Brewing is Illinois’ largest independently-owned brewery – and a labor of love. With the revolutionary changes in the brewing industry, Revolution Brewing is living up to their name and proud of all they have accomplished. In a short time they’ve become a leader and an innovator in the industry, evolving the tastes of beer drinkers with bigger flavors and better beers. Every year they produce dozens of different beer styles: IPAs, porters, pilsners, Belgian-style ales, pale ales, and more. As a company that believes in the value of hard work, they are diligent in providing great, accessible brews. Doing what they love and having fun extends to their store, where as an integral part of the customer experience a wide range of Revolution branded apparel and merchandise are available for purchase.


Revolution Brewing is a brand who understands the potential for turning beer consumers into highly engaged customers. Not only do they offer brewery tours and tasting events, but their highly popular brick and mortar as well as e-commerce shopfront sells an assortment of branded memorabilia and collectibles. They also use merchandise as an incentive tool for their sales teams, trade-shows, promotional giveaways and bar accessories. Often ordering in larger quantities in order to pass on a competitive sale price for the merchandise to their customers, cost was an important factor when they bid out each project to multiple vendors. We were excited to win the bid!



For this particular project, Revolution Brewing wanted a high-quality tote bag featuring a two-sided, full sized print in dual colors at a price point which would allow them to order in bulk. With customer service, transparency, and commitment, our team worked hard to offer a unique, project-based creative solution that would deliver what the client wanted and excite beer fans. After all, who doesn’t love a versatile tote bag? Having successfully worked with Revolution Brewing since early 2018, we continue to demonstrate our ability to deliver competitively priced, high-quality goods that their customers love.