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Proving the Effectiveness of Custom Branded Apparel for B2B


Premier Roofing, LLC was formed in Denver in 2005 by Colorado College classmates and good friends Ben McFerron and Chris Tulp. With early careers in commercial construction and framing, they learned a lot about the value of hard work and an appreciation for the tangible results that come with manual labor. As such, Premier Roofing was started with the goal to bring honesty and dedication to the roofing industry, their customers, and their employees.


Our relationship with Premier Roofing extends over the course of a number of years. As one of our company’s first clients, we worked hard early on to win their business. At the time, they were loyal to existing vendors and weren’t looking to make any changes. However, a test project we worked on together was successful and soon lead to a follow up order. As a result, they were able to see that we approached our client relationships with the same honesty and dedication they do. Premier Roofing shoots straight when setting expectations with clients and expect the same in return when they are the client.

As a business that is very swag oriented, they prefer that on-site workers are well-branded. Given that employees work and travel in a variety of environments, the apparel needs to have a premium look and feel while being priced competitively. Ultra customization at a quality price point is valued by Premier Roofing as they like to cater to exact colors, fits and fabric qualities that they like.

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Premier Roofing first ordered custom branded VersaTek™ polos in 2017 after the company owner fell in love with the fit and feel of the material in a sample we supplied. After a year of constant wear by their employees, they came to us in late 2018 seeking to re-order new apparel in larger quantities and with updated designs as corporate gifts for their team.

VersaTek™ is highly customizable, making it the perfect sweatshirt material. Made with a carefully chosen tri-blend of material, VersaTek™ is soft, never shrinks, is wrinkle resistant and durable. It’s enduring nature makes it a great material for those working trades such as roofing.

In Premier Roofing’s most recent order of polo’s, they wanted to be able to achieve true black, navy, and grey colors. Typically, we would sublimate onto the material; a custom branding component where you embed intricate designs and patterns into the fabric. However, unable to achieve these hues in the color palettes the client wanted with sublimation, we instead used a process that was achievable only because we offer full custom manufacturing. We were able to dye the fabric after we made it and then, within that dying process, we were able to use lab dips to test how the dye would be absorbed by the material so as to adjust color saturation to meet the client’s preference.

Premier Roofing Custom Apparel

Given the out-of-the-box approach to the customization of the fabric this project took, we needed to push our factory partner to learn new techniques which fit the client’s vision. As a result, the project fell far more into R&D than a regular project, meaning we needed to adjust our standard timelines for project facilitation. Detailed decorative items, such as specific types of logo embroidery which were non-standard, also needed to be factored in. Lastly, when ordering in high volume, every cent per unit saved can be worth hundreds of dollars. As such, competitive pricing was also a key consideration for the client.

By consistently delivering premium custom branded apparel and promo goods for Premier Roofing, we’ve demonstrated our reliability, transparency, and commitment to honoring their brand. Our exceptional customer service has not only earned their trust, it has helped Premier Roofing thrive.