Decades of expertise create an elevated branding platform for a newly established company


It takes an expert to be able to see what’s missing within an industry. With decades of experience in general construction, the founders of Platform Painting combined their expert insight to create a solution to that which they felt was missing in the commercial painting industry. Fostering a premium level of quality, professionalism, and sustainability only achievable through their joined level of expertise and passion, Platform Painting is on a mission to provide premium painting services through collaborative and individualized customer processes, increasing the quality of interior spaces and exterior surfaces to enhance the well-being of their customers.


When Platform Painting sought out our expertise, it was in the very early stages of planning the launch of their new business. At that time, there was no business name, no brand messaging, identity, or attributes on which the company was to be founded. More often than not, when our clients come to us seeking support, assets such as a business name already exist and our role is to help turn those assets into an impressionable and lasting brand. In this case, we were presented with an entirely blank canvas. This presented both a challenge and an exciting opportunity to craft the brand strategy from scratch. Wanting to position the client as the premier provider for services in the area, our challenge was to create a design-forward, confident, but not too overtly bold brand which would appeal to both residential and commercial clients.



Clear goals allowed us to set our compass to true-north – working closely with the client we knew from early on that we wanted to emphasize the expertise that the team in the recently established company brought to the market while encapsulating the excitement that comes with the launch of a new company. Through discovery, we also landed on another key point – their expertise provided a highly customer-focused, systematic, and planned approach – a distinctly different approach within their industry that we wanted to highlight. As such, this point of differentiation would become a key aspect of their value proposition.


It was important in creating the brand that it felt fresh and exciting without feeling alienated from existing branding within the industry. It needed to feel ‘big’ enough to appeal to commercial customers while remaining ‘approachable’ to residential clients. Our first stop? Crafting a name potential customers would connect with. Through naming exercises, we focused on the key attribute the company was looking to relay – premium expertise. Using the skills of our entire creative team (strategy, marketing, design, and branding) we researched, debated, and then settled on three suggestions, all of which were put forward to the client with supporting recommendations.


With Platform Painting determined upon as the business name, we began the work of exploring the brand messaging. Building a comprehensive understanding of the proposed culture, value proposition, and offerings of the new business, our creative team came together again to craft three variable messaging strategies – one reserved, a second which was overtly creative, and a third which was confident, yet restrained. Each strategy addressed how the brand would ‘feel’ in terms of key attributes, a tagline, voice, and tone, as well as an elevator pitch that had clear points of differentiation to the next.


With three concrete messaging directions in place, our design team began work to expand the messaging strategy into a full identity by designing stylescapes for each concept. A key part of this process was the design of the logo itself. Initially designing a logo for each direction, the shape of the final logo was designed to be semi-open for interpretation (a ribbon, a paint roller, or both). As a mark, the chosen logo hits everything it needs to – it is simple, recognizable, relevant, and feels like a consumer brand. The ribbon, which is the core element of the logo, portrays a premium feel which effortlessly elevates the impression of the brand.

In presenting the stylescapes, we encourage heavy client collaboration to help guide the process. The feedback we received from the Platform Painting team allowed us to focus in on one particular stylescape design. We pulled the colorways from another stylescape in order to finalize the identity and delivered brand assets: business cards, email signature, presentation templates, and brand guidelines.

The overall feel of the Platform Painting brand is reserved yet bold, quietly confident, and premium. It successfully expresses a professional and commercialised look while retaining an approachable feel. It’s the perfect platform of which to launch a newly created company built on the foundation of decades of expertise.