High-quality apparel provides the perfect setting for enjoying a spectacular beer


New Terrain Brewing Company is a brewery crafting exploratory beers. Their team is dedicated to the science and craft of small batch, high quality, creative beers. Inspired to create, innovate and to explore new terrain, their motto is not “this is how it is done” but rather, “what if we try this way?”. Just like them, their beers are constantly evolving. This exploratory approach extends to their relationship with merchandise and apparel; they’re motivated by providing high-quality products for purchase by their customers.


No challenges. Only solutions. As a repeat client, New Terrain was familiar with our ability to deliver quality apparel and they wanted ideas from our team on what they should produce. We suggested hats and hoodies, made from our exclusive VersaTek material. VersaTek is a premium and durable fabric that is soft to the touch. It has a unique blend of qualities that make it the perfect material for sublimating graphics, and unlike other cotton blends, the print won’t fade over time. Once New Terrain knew they could custom produce the hats and the hoodies with bespoke features they were as excited as we were about this project.


With the client thrilled by the possibilities of the exclusive materials, we began to explore designs. Using one of their branded beer can labels as a source of inspiration, we created a series of designs which utilized assets present on the label. Our ability to sublimate graphics onto the hats and the hoodies allowed us to play around with almost unlimited colors on the quality garments. We also explored a number of bespoke hat features, narrowing in on a debossed leather patch for the front panel. With designs zeroed in, we produced samples and then moved into full production. The brewery was so pleased with the materials and features of the apparel that they quickly placed a follow-up order for tanks and henleys (in VersaTek), and another run of hats.

New Terrain believes that ‘quite possibly the perfect moment is when the world stops spinning’. By fitting their customers in high-quality apparel, they provide the perfect setting in which to sit back, enjoy the view and sip on a spectacular beer.