Montucky Cold Snacks

Custom beer can leggings help a brewing industry leader give back to local causes.


Montucky Cold Snacks (MCS) is a canned, highly regionalized premium lager, specifically geared towards light beer consumers in Montana. As opposed to the status quo of microbreweries in the state who focus on refinement and sophistication in beer, MCS aims to differentiate itself by focusing on and appealing to customers through crisp cold refreshment, pricing, and the celebration of Montana culture. When forming MCS, founders Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner began talking about creating a light beer that would be not only refreshing, but would center it’s core values around giving back to the communities that supported it. Additionally, they wanted it to celebrate the fun, active, outdoor lifestyle that encompasses Montana life. That meeting and idea quickly became what is now known as Montucky Cold Snacks, one of the coolest brands in brewing.


Merchandise in the brewing industry has almost become an industry of its own. MCS has thus produced a lot of branded apparel for their forward thinking customer base (including women’s swimsuits). As such, exploring custom branded leggings for their female consumers wasn’t out of the ordinary for them. In fact, they were looking to be anything but ordinary, to use bright fun colors and to try things that most times can’t be done with screen printing.


Our in-house design team worked closely with MCS to come up with a concept that was fun and outside the box. The result was a mosaic like image that could be sublimated onto the polyester/spandex blend fabric while still retaining the quality of the clean, sharp image and clarity of color. This premium fabric is characterized by its softness, its ability to keep you cool, and it’s ability to stretch as far as you can bend. It presents the perfect environment for custom branded leggings. The result? The most intricate, creative design we’ve ever produced on leggings, designed to hold your pleasantly plump beer belly in.