Rewarding customers with branded merchandise sends a clear message of commitment.


Established in 2014, Molly’s Spirits is a local liquor store providing fine wine, good spirits, and the best beer money can buy. With over 12,000 hand-picked products displayed in 30,000 sq ft. of magic, Molly’s Spirits pays tribute to Colorado’s finest craft beers, wine and spirits, as well an impressive selection of brands from all over the world. Marketing themselves as ‘the most beautiful place to shop for beer, wine and spirits in Colorado,’ this messaging transcends everything they do. From the distinctive filter they use on their Instagram footprint, to ensuring an elevated in-store experience for their customers, Molly’s Spirits is invested in impressing your taste buds.


Molly’s Spirits partnered with us in their search of branded items which would help promote their business and keep their store top of mind with potential and existing customers. Their goal as a business was to order promo goods within a set budget, while maintaining a high level of quality within the promotional products ordered. As a repeat client, Molly’s Spirits knew they could trust us to deliver, and to find new items that will further help them achieve their goal.

Molly's Spirits Plastic Bags
Molly's Spirits Cloth Tote Bags


Much like the brewing industry, where merchandise is a key marketing tactic for reinforcing brand values, the liquor industry relies heavily on promo goods to engage and reward customers. Having previously placed an order with us for a highly successful run of Tote bags, it was clear a re-order of the Totes would be central to this project since the totes would be used by Molly’s Spirits for packing customer orders in-store and for deliveries. After exploring a range of liquor-centric merchandise ideas, we settled on stirring sticks with a twist – wooden and laser engraved for a premium feel – and high quality, enamel pins.

With a liquor store’s branding strategy relying on key factors (including target customers and price points), Molly’s Spirits has found a way to differentiate itself from its competitors through multiple assets including branded merchandise. By attracting prospective consumers with quality promo goods at events and in store, they send a clear message of commitment to their customers that resonates with them for long term purchasing.