A Traditional Approach Stands Out in The Crowd


Ludvik Electric Co., founded in 1980, is a national electrical contractor focused primarily on large, complex projects. With an extensive portfolio of sophisticated electrical installations throughout the U.S and abroad, they are equipped with the experience and expertise to deliver top-of-the-line electrical construction services. The in-house team of expert engineers and constructors support their commitment to safe and quality services that sets Ludvik apart.

Ludvik Electric was in search of a website design and development partner who could help them update their image and the information on their b2b site. To remain competitive and stay ahead of the competition, they sought a total overhaul.



The construction industry typically has a traditional approach to their view of marketing tools. As such, Ludvik needed a partner who was going to do more than just provide them with a templated website. They needed a team who would take the time to understand their business and determine how to organize their information in a crisp, clear, and yet conventional manner while still promoting their identity and brand values. Having minimal in-house web management capabilities, they subsequently placed a high value on website training.


Customer focused relationships are a core aspect of FlowState’s delivery of service. Early on, we established that our goal was to provide Ludvik Electric with a solution that was custom to their needs. It was immediately evident that we were a company who would work side by side with them.


We first began with discovery sessions to establish the functionality and how the website needed to perform so as to support the growth goals of the business in the future. Following which, we completed a competitor assessment to further determine opportunities for Ludvik’s website. With the functionality scoped out, we moved onto design applying a clean, professional, and trending aesthetic that was progressive, yet classic. This kept with the traditional approach of their industry while also allowing Ludvik Electric to stand out in the crowd. This included the use of lime green and specific service fonts that would differentiate Ludvik from their competitors. We simplified their navigation, included a contact form, utilized custom anchor link pages (including a page-specific navigation to their ‘About Us’ page) and added sort options for newly included case studies, filterable by divisions.

The site itself was built on WordPress, which is ideal for teams looking to perform minor updates in-house. As such, we created a custom client manual for Ludvik’s team which addressed the most important updates they could self-perform and outlining the steps to take to complete them.

This b2b website easily moves prospective customers through the buyer’s journey with its range of company, project, services and case study information that engages and delights as a company hub. Continuing to work with us for website management (which includes security hosting, domain hosting as well as services such as an agreed number of monthly changes), Ludvik Electric is thrilled with their new website and the role it continues to play in promoting their brand to their customers.