Helping LivWell to Positively Share the Power of Marijuana through Custom Branded Apparel


The LivWell team is comprised of scientists, inventors, farmers, experts, and pioneers committed to the development of the cannabis industry. With a focus on using the power of marijuana positively, they advocate for patients’ rights and access to high-quality medicine as well as encourage education and responsible use of marijuana. With careful tending and hard work, they’ve grown from a single location to the nation’s leading cannabis company. Today, they have multiple locations and hundreds of employees.


LivWell is a brand who already understands the potential ROI of custom apparel, both in terms of exposure through customers as ambassadors as well as hard sales. As of late 2018, they sell apparel to consumers in-store at eight locations. They also produce apparel for trade-shows and promotional giveaways. They need to honor strict brand guidelines while also ensuring the apparel itself is cutting edge and features unique designs.

When ordering for their stores, they test products in lower quantities, re-ordering in larger quantities the items which prove popular with their customer base. This model is primed for success in terms of being able to explore a range of designs and to really hone in on the wants and needs of their consumers. Having worked with them since 2016 we have demonstrated not only reliability but that we understand their brand identity and can compliment that with premium merchandise at a competitive price.

LivWell Hoodie Case Study
LivWell Laptops Case Study


When working with a long-term client, we are always looking at ways to continue to impress them. In the case of LivWell, we wanted to come to the table with a premium yet cost competitive option for their recent range of custom branded apparel. Our exclusively licensed VersaTek™ material fit the bill and was a key factor in winning their business. VersaTek™ allows for a custom branding component called sublimation, meaning you can create intricate designs and patterns that are embedded into the fabric such as inside the hood on sweatshirts or across the front of the body on tees. Made with a carefully chosen tri-blend material, VersaTek™, alongside a range of other properties, is durable, soft, never shrinks, and is wrinkle resistant. The fabric itself is highly customizable making it the perfect material for hoodies and t-shirts.

Visit the VersaTek™ product page to learn more about the key benefits of this unique, premium material.

Over time, we’ve consistently gone out of our way to earn trust and build the relationship with LivWell. It’s not only the unique offerings we showcase, but our customer service, transparency and commitment to helping their team consistently represent their brand with quality products which has set us apart. Having worked on over twenty projects for LivWell ranging from beanies and hats to sweatpants and windbreakers, we look forward to continuing to create premium goods to help LivWell thrive.