Promote lead generation and branding through a direct and thoughtful website design.

FloWater is the best-tasting, healthiest water on the planet, for a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and 100% less plastic waste. Using the newest technology in Water Refill Stations, FloWater creates water that tastes and hydrates better than anything in a single-use bottle, delivered into any refillable container. They’re a growing company on a mission to provide the purest, most premium water on the planet whilst eliminating plastic water bottle waste.

In advance to committing to the project, we worked closely with FloWater to help them construct a plan for the overhaul. After winning their confidence, we were excited to partner with the FloWater team on creating an online presence that could respond to the modern needs of their team and their users’ behaviors.


With a strict budget and the project requiring customization, particular attention was paid to the overarching purpose of the new digital destination. The goal? To directly increase lead generation, and to better encompass the brand and product offerings and benefits in an online portfolio.

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With interest for FloWater’s product growing at a fast rate, shortfalls in the existing website required modernization, and a more user-friendly appeal. The new digital offering also needed to reflect the growing stature of the company, and speak to a varied base of customers including hotels, businesses, schools, gyms and large scale events. We set ourselves apart by presenting strong ideas for a site redesign that met the client’s needs.

Starting with a true discovery phase to learn more about the company, we were able to determine that the end result of the site would need to be built in two distinct versions; a large scale overhaul to the existing infrastructure and a smaller, more streamlined series of additions to the revised design once it was delivered.

This process also allowed us to land on some key custom interactive designs (including a counter showing the number of plastic water bottles saved to date) as well as a number of valuable product benefits. The challenge was to present those benefits in a format that is easily digestible to the user. Breaking all of this down led to our strategy; the overall site structure and navigation would be tailored to what customers wanted to see; information on the water, and the unit itself, all filtered by industry vertical.


The UX was designed with improvements to the user flow as top of mind and then we began to explore the customer journey through the website from discovery to the stage of entering into a free trial. An interactive display of the filter, it’s technology and key benefits were custom built into the technology page, allowing customers to quickly make an informed decision on the product.

The site’s foundation was built on WordPress but we brought more to the table than just a custom built site.  Page layouts, designed custom web graphics, customized contact forms, and product photography, video and cinemagraphs were strategically produced. We also delivered a code free backend that the client can easily make amendments to without needing our help.

The result? A beautifully designed and highly functional website which positions FloWater competitively within the Water Refill Station market.

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