Make a mission wearable, custom t-shirts created from recycled plastic waste. #fcukplastic


Using the newest technology in water refill stations, FloWater creates the best-tasting, healthiest water on the planet for the fraction of the cost of bottled water and 100% less plastic waste. They’re a growing company on a mission to provide the purest, most premium water on the planet, while eliminating plastic water bottle waste.

This environmentally minded company sought to set themselves apart while embodying their message and mission. It didn’t surprise us when they came up with the idea to repurpose waste from plastic and regenerate it into the form of custom t-shirts.


With such a novel concept, sourcing the materials presented a challenge. Given that we were taking an existing material and recycling it into something new, it was important that any approved samples were supported by enough material to produce a consistent final product. Doing so allowed us to mitigate any substantial differences between the sample material and the final delivered goods.



Having worked with FloWater previously on a number of projects (including website design and development as well as custom branded apparel), they knew we’d be able to step up to meet this unique idea with competitive pricing on a quality product delivered with great customer service. We started with immediately liaising with our preferred factory, as they would need to source the materials in quantities large enough to deliver consistency across samples and final product. What evolved over this process of discovery and finalizing budgets was a clear economical advantage: the recycled polyester material was more cost effective than the canvas shirts FloWater had been ordering to date. Not only were we able to deliver on their great idea, but our solution saved them money in the long run.


FloWater’s vision is to eliminate single use plastic water bottles and provide everyone access to the world’s best tasting water anywhere they work, rest, and play. By creating t-shirts made entirely from repurposed plastic, they are doing just that. What started as a simple idea quickly turned into a campaign supported by the bold hashtag #fcukplastic tapping into an online movement supporting the elimination of single use plastic water bottles. In doing so, FloWater was able to have fun with their messaging while staying true to brand and producing environmentally conscious gear consumers will pro-actively promote as well as enjoy wearing.