Everson and Memic Law

A goal centric website design promotes brand identity and lead generation in the legal industry

Executive Summary

When legal counsel is needed, excellence matters. Everson and Memic Law is grounded in the belief that anyone with a legal problem, whether it be criminal, civil, domestic or probate, requires competent legal representation committed to your case. They pride themselves on being genuine with their clients and supportive in the most difficult situations. What does drive them is knowing that their help and guidance can make all the difference in our clients’ lives.


Everson and Memic Law is a successful and quickly growing Denver-based law-firm. Before being referred to us, they had already undergone a few attempts to create a new website but continued to fall short in successfully fulfilling their needs and aesthetic desires. Queue, FlowState Marketing.


Driven to understand the past, present and future of their firm, we carried out multiple discovery sessions that ultimately guided the direction of the finished website. We focused heavily on the User Interface of the website to display the many services provided by the law firm in an organized and easily navigable way.

The result was a powerful and client focused, responsive website built to convert visitors to new business. As heard from Everson and Memic, the new website was spot on with the vision of their company and fulfilled its purpose of building a strong identity to amplify their inbound business growth.