Creating an online destination worthy of a business steeped in historical value


Denver Screen Print and Embroidery (DSPE) is a business steeped in historical value. They first started printing shirts in 1983, originally focusing on organic cotton before moving into sustainable promotional apparel several years later. Initially two guys in a garage in fashionable Cherry Creek North in Denver, Colorado they had fifty thousand Doctor Who Fan Club of America members calling out for t-shirts. Because a license to produce t-shirts with the Doctor Who logo was awarded by the BBC, their search for a reliable apparel printer fell short. They couldn’t find someone to print their shirts accurately, on a timely schedule without charging them a fortune. Thus, they decided to print their own shirts, and DSPE was born.

Fast forward 40 years and DSPE has evolved into a leader within the custom screen-printing marketplace. They’re not only a pioneer in silk screen printing techniques and cutting edge fashion garments for their customers, they’re leaders in the United States for environmentally responsible industry practices.


Over time the DSPE website had become outdated. It had performed well in its initial form for many years but no longer functioned to support the online needs of their growing customer base. User flow was almost non-existent, and there was little information architecture. Over time, it had turned into a hub of heavy amounts of information and wasn’t necessarily adding value to DSPE’s business. With new water based screen printers coming into the industry with fresh brands and modern websites, DSPE wanted to remain competitive while also maintaining the leadership status the company had worked decades to build.


As a trusted supplier for the apparel side of our business, DSPE had faith in our expertise from the start. We took the time to get to know their business, allowing us to make decisions regarding the website redesign that were truly informed. As such, it was clear to DSPE that we were transparent in our client relationships, while being focused on and driven by results.

Strategic in our design approach, our goal was to deliver the right mix of a modern and bold look that felt immediately historic and premium. We achieved this through the application of a soft, dark and blue-ribbon aesthetic with richness brought by metallic accents. The look and feel of the website expresses a bold, urban, and industrial approach to mix the historic value of the brand with a modernized and professional feel. We simplified and modernized the logo and created custom iconography so all aligned with the new visual identity of the brand. Lastly, we custom-produced all of the photography, video and graphics for the website which helped to maintain a cohesive and thorough look and feel throughout the design.

With the website built on WordPress and designed to be easily customized by the client, the core focus of the project was on the design. In paying particular attention to information architecture, we were able to help DSPE determine the content strategy to carry through on the site to best connect with their audience. In doing so, we created a website which is both succinct and simple for the user to navigate, making it easier to find the information they need. As part of the site’s core functionality, we integrated Ink Soft, an app which would allow customers to design and order clothes live on the DSPE website.  

With this project, we ultimately took large amounts of content and simplified its presentation into digestible, intuitive formats. We freshened up the brand identity by modernizing the look and feel. However, by taking the time to really get to know the client’s business, their valuable story and their established role within the screen-printing industry, we created an online destination not only worthy of a brand steeped in such historical value, but which will support the company through another 40 years business.