Concordia Chemical

The Promise of a Unique, Lasting Brand Experience


Concordia Chemical is a Texas based supplier of industrial chemicals and specialty oilfield intermediates. They like to keep things stress-free and simple – customers purchase their chemicals at an agreed price and Concordia takes care of the rest. Representing the highest-quality manufacturers and eliminating risk for their customers, Concordia offers importing and exporting, covering everything from initial inquiry to final delivery. They also offer full project management and quality assurance for the blending and packing process. With a logo mark already in hand, Concordia was searching for brand messaging and a design aesthetic that reflected their straightforward, customer-focused approach to doing business. We were presented with the opportunity to develop a brand and identity messaging platform and drive the creation of various marketing collateral and brand stationary pieces.



As a modest but robust startup rapidly growing and achieving success, Concordia’s focus was on the growth of its sales team and expanding their customer reach. As such, they needed to comprehensively define who they were to their potential customers. Aligned with this, they sought to support their employees with messaging and collateral which would allow them to communicate their brand to customers and grow their company.

Concordia’s way of doing business is unique in their industry. Compared to their competitors who are traditional and corporate in their approach, Concordia is focused on customer relationships; easy, simple service and no hidden fees. With this unique and direct up-front approach, they wanted to stand out visually and verbally. They needed guidance organizing their ideas in a way that was easily expressible.


Beginning with discovery sessions to establish the foundations of their brand, we were able to begin crafting an identity and messaging strategy. Concordia needed a strategy that reflected their newly established position in the market as a chemical company, combined with their fresh approach to customer relationships.

Eager to be presented as fresh, bold, and professional in their industry, we crafted a messaging strategy that was friendly, approachable, honest, and direct – all of the things that Concordia already was. Through the discovery process, a key piece of information was uncovered: Concordia provides quality products and services that compete pricing wise with some of the biggest companies in the industry. Combining this information with their customer friendly service, we crafted messaging that supported this position. We then applied this messaging to the creation of marketing collateral, applying the process of creating collateral to drive the creation of the brand identity in parallel.

The outcome? Brand guidelines, a company brochure, two line cards, business cards, letterhead, email signature, and presentation templates. FlowState also managed the print and production of all of the assets, providing Concordia with quality marketing collateral which their team could utilize for years to come. By successfully capturing their corporate identity both visually and verbally, Concordia was thrilled to now have the resources to impactfully and effectively share their business with the world.