Combat Concrete

A Website Design with User Experience and Growth Top of Mind

Executive Summary

Amplified Concrete Solutions Global was formed by a group with considerable experience in some of the harshest environments on earth. Their mission is to provide Combat Concrete Shelters for military, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief applications, allowing those in harm’s way to combat the elements.


To overcome a global issue, Combat Concrete (by Amplified Concrete Solutions Global) developed an incredible application of Concrete Cloth as a rapidly inflatable, secure and durable alternative for temporary shelters. The state-of-the-art structure has four market applications: military, humanitarian, disaster relief, and custom use. Our challenge was appealing to all four distinct markets and drawing attention to the value of the product for each.


We developed a powerful messaging strategy involving an explanation of product benefits that is consistent across all market applications. High priority was placed on outlining technical information and the company mission in an easy to adsorb manner. The end result was a vibrant, professional and highly informational responsive website that guides visitors through the learning process of the product and provides organic outreach opportunities. The website has been highly remarked as a beautiful resource and valuable asset to the companies growth.

“FlowState were instrumental in developing our company’s website and social media. FlowState is an extremely professional group and very familiar with the latest trends and technology that propelled our image. Their lead web designer made sure to fully understand our team, values and vision in order to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. His feedback and flexibility were invaluable in crafting our very impressive, often complimented website.”

Hudson Griggs, Chief Operating Officer, Combat Concrete