Creating a Memorable Online Destination For An Events Production Agency


Whether you are staging a business meeting, creating an environment for a live event or communicating your unique vision to your employees, the CKC team is ready to meet your communications needs and exceed your expectations. As an events production company providing creative and strategic services for their corporate clients, CKC came to us seeking a website design reflective of the professional, reliable resource they are.


Initially finding us through an online search, they prioritized finding a partner who could deliver strategically and on budget, custom building a website that meets their needs.

Having made some huge strides in growth of their business, CKC was looking for a complete overhaul of their old site. The shortfall of the dated website was that it didn’t accurately express CKC’s service offerings, and was impacting their ability to successfully compete for business. With their business operating at both a local and national level, CKC wanted a website which better their brand presence online, helping them to win prospective clients. The key challenge would be in presenting their services information in such a way that it was easily absorbed by their prospective audience.


Through discovery sessions with the client we strategically assessed that we wanted to be as simple, yet as branded as possible with both design and content. The challenge in this however would be in image selection. Given their nature of their work, CKC has client confidentiality arrangements in place limiting their access to use imagery which market their services. As such, heavy collaboration on image selection would be a key part of this project.

Given this, we allocated additional time to the concept phase, allowing us time to iron out how we would present their services (both visually and in the written format). With our team working together internally we landed on a dynamic representation of the events they offered services for (with the services themselves being secondary messaging). This approach would reduce the need for photography during the content creation phase and allow us to visually present their brand using limited imagery.

In terms of design, CKC was inspired by clean, light designs that achieve a minimalistic look and feel. Yet, in contrast, they admired sites which had dark, sleek and premium aesthetics. Able to achieve a mix between the two, we also explored ways to bring distinctions to the site design through branded elements. One example is the curvature of the section breaks which brings a design-forward, engaging presentation of the content, which in a way, feels like a presentation banner. We also designed custom event icons. Not only do these icons help bring excitement to the presentation of the offerings on the home page, but they also connect the services page to the homepage to help their visitors understand their offerings. Their old site contained a strong pink color which had a sense of energy to it that our team really liked. We decided to amp up the hues on it, turning it into a vibrant and distinctive bright pink, a color which really helps to separate CKC’s brand from its competitors.

While our design team were deep in design, our content team worked in tandem building foundational SEO, as well as outlining the written content for each page on the site. This included researching competitor keywords, and determining a strategy for on-page keywords and content, as well as defining H1’s, meta titles, and meta descriptions for the website build.

While the site development was quite straight forward (as with many of our web design and development clients, this site was custom built on WordPress), CKC did want to be able to easily edit content going forward. As such we built advanced custom fields into the backend and provided training documents for the client to use following handover. Wanting to display their services engagingly on the site, we also custom built specific sections with javascript, offering an interactive element to how the icons were displayed.

Passionate about bringing ideas to life, CKC’s new online presence elevates them above local competitors, while appealing to national clients and allowing them to compete with more established companies. In the excitement before you open the doors and let the audience in, you want to be sure you have created a memorable experience. CKC’s new website does just that.