Create a Unique Branded Apparel Experience Like No Other


Proud to work with the creators of some of the finest beer coming out of Colorado, we partnered with Breckenridge Brewery to design clothes as tasteful as their brews. Finding us via referral through our valued client iHeartRadio, it was our ability to deliver quality apparel that really set us apart.


With Breckenridge Brewery initially attracted to our vision and direction, it was ultimately our engineering knowledge staffing base which helped to secure the work with the client appreciating that a group of engineers were producing accessible, well designed clothing products.

As a brand with a store inside the brewery, Breckenridge Brewery not only rewards sales staff and fans with clothes, but has a store front at the brewery that sells to the end customer. Their ideal consumers are young professionals, snowboarders, beer enthusiasts, and yoga instructors. Their customer base is not one-size fits all so there was a test in designing for the everyday, yet specific, person. It was key that the designs spoke not only to the value of the product, but that the apparel would be a desirable purchase in the store.


“FlowState crushed it on the Agave Wheat hat designs. Finite detail, super high quality, stitch count, placement. It’s always a challenge to place a packaging brand on garments … and we were really impressed with the time they took to understand the design and meet our high requirements.”

– Sarah Kokkeler, Brewery Hospitality, Breckenridge Brewery


Truly customizing the experience to fit the products they dreamed of we brought the brand to life via our creative team, custom product design and apparel development. We met their needs with a variety of products including custom puffy jackets, unique button downs, hats and t-shirts, and coasters.

Because of our detailed dye sublimation process on soft garments, we have continued to win their work. This has included channeling brand identities for each beer type using apparel as an extension of their brand identity. We also brought to life their branding for Mango Mosaic, creating a brand extension of the beer that captures the life of the beer brand in a physical wearable item that looks and feels as good as the beer tastes, and increased Breckenridge Brewery’s sales potential in-store.

On the custom hat front, their team came to us in need of a way to present their recent rebrand. Our local print and embroidery partnerships with top-of-the-line vendors equipped us to create high-quality products without breaking the bank. In this instance, custom embroidered hats were the best means to reach the goal of our client – and impress customers with 300 custom created hats produced. The client even threw a rebrand release party and all of the hats were snatched up immediately.


Custom vests were also presented with a ‘cotton twill’ fabric, a softer feeling material material that is more unique, paired with a custom vest produced with bespoke sizing, materials and a catered look and feel that fit their brand better than previous products (and at an amendable price point).

Apparel is a key marketing priority for Breckenridge Brewery; by styles for both genders, our apparel for them flies off the shelves. focussing on high-quality, comfortable fabrics, with sizes and styles for both genders, our apparel for them flies off the shelves.