A state of the art web application modernizes ordering and fulfillment


Crafted with natural ingredients, Kenny Chesney’s premium Caribbean rums were born as an expression of the singer-songwriter’s island lifestyle. Flavors like coconut, banana, as well as their line of rum creams, evoke the same beach-vacation mentality that inspires Chesney’s music. With FlowState Marketing already working closely with Blue Chair Bay Rum on apparel design and production, having our in-house web team design and develop their inventory management and warehouse fulfillment web application was a natural extension of an already fruitful relationship.


To best define the scope of how the website application was to perform we needed to develop a broad understanding of the job functions of the sales team as specifically related to product fulfillment. This included how the team was staffed, the approval capacity based on job function, what the processes for shipping inventory were and who within the team had complete oversight of all or parts of the inventory. Our goal was to understand the entire process of the client’s sales team so that the web application we built would serve their needs.

Further, what ultimately became a complex website application presented its own set of challenges in terms of how to communicate the development requirements of the site to the rum brand in layman’s terms and for the client, how to clearly relay what functionality they wanted to include. As such, clear and concise communication on both sides quickly became critical in terms of actually and truly understanding for both parties how the application needed to perform in all aspects; the client was learning what they needed as their understanding of what the application could do for them developed.


Using a powerful third party platform ‘Knack’ which provided a lot of the base functionality required we designed and developed a custom Inventory Management and Warehouse fulfillment website application that manages all of the company’s apparel and promotional goods inventory. Managed by location and then region the client now has a single platform to manage, allocate, order and fulfill any sales specific branded goods for their customers. They are able to report on all orders and (depending on their approval level) reorder items low in stock. Built on permissions only Regional Managers can complete and approve order requests, and the allocation of inventory is managed in the system based on location. As a result we’ve streamlined their fulfillment process and the ordering process for Sales Representatives and Regional Sales Managers; they went from manually updating excel sheets to being able to utilize a live web application to manage their orders. This efficient and organized management of inventory will save them time, resources and headaches.