Helping the sweet taste of good quality rum stand out with custom branded goods


Crafted with natural ingredients, Kenny Chesney’s premium Caribbean Rums were born as an expression of the singer-songwriter’s island lifestyle. Flavors like coconut and banana, as well as their line of rum creams, evoke the same beach-vacation mentality that inspires Chesney’s music. Our first opportunity working with the client came in the form of smaller one-off items. Welcoming the connection, we worked hard to impress, delivering quality custom-branded goods at competitive prices. Eventually, we were invited to bid on the bulk of their business; providing branding collateral to their sales reps.


Blue Chair Bay Rum were looking for specific changes in their partner relationship: price, quality, and account-management services. They were seeking a partner who could not only successfully manage projects, but could also be depended upon in general.

With the custom branded goods delivering both incentives for staff and also being collateral that their sales reps could leverage across relationships it was important that the brand was represented in a qualitative manner. However, when ordering in high volume, every cent/unit saved is worth hundreds of dollars. As such, competitive pricing was also a key consideration for the client.



Upon being invited to bid, our process began with discovery. With the scope of work realized, we quickly moved onto designing the goods. Once the designs were approved and estimates provided; products were sampled, designs critiqued, and final pricing was approved. With all of that locked in and the bid won, production on the collateral was rendered.

As always, our top-notch customer service, account and project management approach to client relationships were on display throughout. When produced effectively, consumer branded goods build considerable brand awareness and consumer loyalty and Blue Chair Bay Rum determined that FlowState Marketing was the right partner to help them achieve their branding goals. As Blue Chair Bay Rum’s main vendor, we consistently prove we’re dependable and able to take care of their needs. We also do the right thing when issues arise. By relying on us to do what we do best, they’re able to focus the core of their business.