Belong Designs

An Enticing Ecommerce Website for A Lifestyle Apparel Brand

Executive Summary

Belong Designs, started in 2014 with the inspiration of following true passions in life and supporting those who wish to do the same. To inject the brand with some new energy it was time for a website redesign. From the photography and copywriting to the web design and development, the e-commerce website was collectively created under the wing of our entire digital team.



As an ecommerce site, it was imperative that we show off the brand and promote the lifestyle that is key to Belong Designs’ messaging. With the shortfalls of the previous site including an unorganized user interface, outdated design, unintuitive UX, inconsistent branding and a very tapped out foundation, the new website needed to showcase products, collections and lifestyle photographs as well as demonstrate a strong synergy between the products and brand lifestyle. Most importantly, it needed to drive conversions.

The Solution

From the get-go, our goal was to improve the user interface so the journey the user would go through to purchase a product was improved. In doing so, we created a layout that relied upon high-quality images and a responsive design to showcase product aspirationally.

Key design elements included featured collections, a product search bar, building out the brand blog, and integrating an email signup into the site functionality. By reorganizing the product framework by which collections were featured, we also improved the site map.

As a lifestyle brand, colors played a key consideration in the site redesign. With site traffic falling almost equally between men and women, the design needed to be equally appealing to both sexes and reflect the energy and vibes of the brand. A palette of blue, orange and white was chosen to reflect youthful, fresh and outdoor enthusiast positioning of the brand audience which is 70% 34 or younger.

As the apparel brand prepared to move into storefronts, a key requirement was the development of a site which would provide backend functionalities for a future wholesale website, thus allowing the brand to scale up at the right time.

With the site’s foundation on Shopify we were able to deliver a functional, beautiful website that incorporated the ability for the client to make simple adjustments in the backend. Further, the website is supported by an integrated e-commerce marketing strategy that drives traffic and optimizes the user experience to convert customers. The project was a success, re-engaging the brands existing customer base and driving an increase in traffic of almost 2.5 times the number of visitors to site. We’re excited to continue to support a brand that inspires people to follow their passions.