Graphic Design Promotes Lead Generation for CRM Tool

Executive Summary

Keeping organized allows you to be proactive. Apto, as a leading real estate CRM tool, knows this well.


We worked with Apto to design infographic content to share knowledge and provide value to their current and prospective consumers. To be able to design an infographic well you have to know the information, or learn it. With this comes the process (much similar to any project we take on) of discovery. Working with the client we begin to digest valuable business information coming to an understanding of it so that the information can then inform decisions. In this case the valuable information we learnt was used to build the flow of the infographics.


With infographics there’s a lot of trust between them and their customers that we can deliver for clients. This is because the content, layout and the design of the infographic, which guides the user through education of important topics, results in a way to build trusted and valued customer relationships, and drive inbound and outbound web traffic.

Somewhat like a website build, for Apto we determined the statement or point they were looking to make, then worked backwards to make it in graphical form determining the best ways to simplify, and express, information to the user. In this instance, we did a wireframe in terms how the infographic would layout in terms of flow, then created the infographic with their logo, colors, fonts and brand in mind. This format of mixing information design and graphic design to problem solve how to present complex information makes content more digestible by displaying it visually.

So now that you’re organized (thanks to Apto), what do you do with all the extra time to look ahead?