Making Easy Work of Perfect Indoor Air


Altaire’s mission is to deliver fully engineered products that eliminate dehumidification issues in the any environment, improving occupant comfort, health, and productivity, all while reducing operating costs and environmental impacts. Altaire is more than just another air handling unit manufacturer. They are solving the toughest dehumidification and indoor air quality problems in the most demanding building environments. By building smarter HVAC systems which deliver healthier air quality, they enable smart buildings to perform at their peak potentials. Altaire delivers on this promise by integrating data analytics, control technology and solid engineering to deliver a product that is ready to perform out of the box.


Coming to us as a newly formed company, the Altaire team was seeking to establish a clean and memorable identity which would support them as they went out into the market. Looking to convert their excellent reputation for engineering solutions into a focused product offering, they wanted to create a brand that was professional, concise, and analytical, yet modernized, fresh, and design-forward. They had a clear vision for what they wanted and we were excited to step up and deliver.

Altaire Branding Project Design

From the outset, we knew we wanted simplify a complex solution so that the brand itself felt very approachable. Altaire wanted a brand which would be highly relevant in an industry that does not see as much brand expression, while being vibrant and design-forward.

During discovery, we put on the shoes of their customer base to build a comprehensive understanding of the business personality, value propositions, and offerings. Taking that information, we began exploring brand messaging. Working as a team, we built three very distinct variations of how the brand might ‘feel’ in terms of its key attributes, considering closely how each of those brand directions might strategically connect with the audience. We did this by aligning variable attributes, slogans, tag lines, and voices against each visualization.

Altaire Style Scapes
Altaire Business Cards_Brand Collateral


With three concrete messaging directions in place, our design team began work to expand the messaging strategy into a full identity by designing stylescapes for each concept. In presentation of the stylescapes, we encouraged heavy collaboration from the client. Their feedback allowed us to hone in on aspects of one stylescape design which would then be refined to form the basis of the brand’s visual aesthetic. With these elements in place, we finalized the mark and delivered assets such as business cards, presentation templates and brand guidelines.

A stylescape is a collection of brand assets – colors, typography, images, language tone, design elements etc. – combined together to provide an overall visual aesthetic of a brand. Stylescapes help to fully engage the client into the brand design process before developing more concrete mockups of the identity.

By connecting the color scheme with the service being offered and the overall aesthetic, we were able to craft a brand that is a happy medium between professionally reserved and visually outspoken. A brand that is memorable and bold in a format that was relevant to the HVAC industry. The strategic Altaire brand has provided the Altaire team with the impactful identity they needed to begin delivering innovative HVAC equipment: supporting healthy, comfortable, and high-quality interior environments.

Altaire Brand Stylescape