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Quality Event Memorabilia Provides Participants with a Tangible Reminder of Race Day


Do What You Can, When You Can, Where You Are! This three W motto has driven every business practice and decision at 3W Races. Extremely proud of their events 3W Races is a business with close ties to the communities in which their events feature. With something for every type of runner, walker, jogger and ‘slogger’ they actively encourage participants to get to know each other, stop in at the local businesses who support the race, donate to partner charities and to soak up everything about the event. With that, quality event memorabilia for their participants is their way of ensuring they are also giving back.


A long-term client since 2016, 3W Races produces 19+ planned events annually (which include The Denver 5K and the Prairie Dog Half and 5K series). For all of these races we produce custom medals and bespoke t-shirts for participants as a tangible reminder of the race. We’ve also produced custom beanies and gloves for a number of races.

3W Race’s goal is to create wearable products which help separate them from other race events taking place throughout Colorado. In doing so, they value a partner who can provide quality keepsakes at a competitive rate and who they can trust to deliver frequently and on time. Problem solving is paramount, so having a partner who can think on their feet and is solutions oriented is key.

3W Races Medal
Denver 5K T-Shirt Event Memorabilia


Working with their in-house designer who creates visual layouts for the medals and t-shirts, our design team creates tech packages for production. These designs can vary from bespoke items such as spinner medals to 3D custom designed and molded trinkets. When providing quotes on the design, we need to factor in the overall weight of the goods that we are producing. Cutting mm’s from the frame of a medal, reducing the total number of inches wide that the medal is, and creating space in the design (such as cutting out the center) can all substantially reduce the weight of these heavy materials, and therefore save thousands on the cost of production and shipping.

It’s a finite process but having now worked on more than 30 projects with 3W Races to date, we have proved ourselves, consistently delivering competitive pricing on quality items and providing exceptional customer service.

3W Races Custom Medal
3W Races Custom Branded Gloves