KN95 Masks & PPE

FlowState Marketing is a branding agency that typically produces brand solutions and physical goods. With the global crisis and emergency measures, our focus has completely shifted to support the unfolding national situation by sourcing health and medical essentials. When you boil down our process and what we do; we are a production-minded company that specializes in sourcing/manufacturing and project management. We’re eager to now utilize our resources to help others overcome the national shortages of PPE.

The information on this page is up to date as 7.14.20

kN95 Masks

Standard: EN149:2001 +A1:2009, GB2626-2006 | Protection Class: KN/N95 FFP2 | Filtering Rate: ≥95%

We are working directly with two factories that hold certifications from 3rd party testing facilities that meet both FDA & CE standards. We are happy to provide certification documents upon request. Current inventory: FlowState is purchasing and producing 20,000 kN95 masks at a time. We are currently carrying limited inventory but we have an estimated 7-12 day delivery time on new orders under 200K units from our factories overseas.  All of these masks are 1-size fits most. Please inquire on our webform for updates on available stock for purchase from the inventory we have already ordered.


1,000 | $2.81 / ea
10,000 | $2.30 / ea
50,000 | $2.10 / ea
100,000 | $1.94 / ea
1M+ | <$1.80 / ea

* The above pricing includes air shipping


Under 20K | Based on available stock
20K – 100K Units | 7-12 days
100K+ Units | Avg. 7-18 days

3-Ply Procedure Masks (FDA registered & CE certified)

Made to standard of ASTM Level 1 : 3-ply procedure mask

Current inventory: FlowState is purchasing and producing larger volumes of 3-ply masks and taking orders for goods that are on schedules to ship from China asap. Our most recent order of 30K 3-ply procedure masks are available to ship from Denver as of 7.14.20 while we have available inventory.  Please inquire on our webform for updates on available stock for purchase from the inventory we have already ordered.

3-ply masks made to Level 2 standards are also available.


1,000 | $0.42 / ea
10,000 | $0.40 / ea
50,000 | $0.35 / ea
100,000 | $0.31 / ea
500,000 | $0.30 / ea
1M+ | <$0.25 / ea


Under 20K | 5-8 days
100K Units | 8-11 days
1M+ Units | Avg. 11-15 days

*For orders of 1M+, we can ship 1M per week after first million

Submit a PPE order inquiry

Please reach out using the form below to be immediately connected with our dedicated team for these efforts. The process is simple: Payment > Production > Shipping. Please do not hesitate to request business references or ask detailed questions. We understand this is a time of urgency and uncertainty but we want to do everything we can to help you feel confident in our ability to deliver as promised.

Please note by submitting this form, you understand that we require 100% up front payment to process your order and secure your stock. We will invoice you asap after confirming final timelines with our factory for every order placed.

Additional Info

Order inquiries through this form must be confirmed by our team

Although we have pricing and timelines listed above, please note that all orders need to be confirmed when you place them. We will do our best to accommodate the fastest timelines and the fastest turnaround times that we can. Our partners in China are 14 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time in the US. Circumstances in China and the U.S. are changing rapidly. We will do our best to confirm final timelines for all orders within 12 hours of payment. We can refund your money within 36 hours if an updated timeline does not work for you.


kN95 Mask Usage Guidance/Instructions

Click here to download the FFP2 Protective Mask instructions, warnings and restrictions of use provided by one of our trusted factories. We are providing information transparently about these products as it becomes accessible to us. Please understand that we are vetting products for legitimacy, but the selection of the proper medical equipment is the responsibility of the purchaser, as we simply are not qualified to provide guidance in regards to the proper use of medical equipment.


Shipping 3-Ply Procedure Masks

We will ship procedure masks in polyester bags and the folded boxes separately to save room for shipping more units at a time. FlowState can assemble boxes for you or we can ship direct. If shipping direct, you will have to put the masks into the individual boxes.


First time working with FlowState?

We understand the uncertainty that comes with placing large upfront orders based on a completely new business relationship. Please explore our reviews and testimonials via the links below. Don’t hesitate to request references in your submission form.

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Payment and why it’s important

We are doing our absolute best to source PPE quickly when needed by our clients, but with the huge demand, we are forced to require 100% payment upfront on large orders to secure orders. If you have payment term requests, please reach out, but we are very limited in what we can accommodate.


We are more than happy to overnight samples of masks to test in your facility if you would like to review them before purchase.

Other PPE Products

Face Shield

Disposable face shields (32x22cm) with HD mask clear sight, anti-flog and anti-splash.



1000 | $1.30 /ea
10,000 | $1.20 /ea
100,000+ | TBD


TIMELINE (Orders 1K +)

Production | 5-12 days
Normal Shipping | 5-10 days
3-4 Day Shipping | + $1.80 per unit
Under 1K | Contact your rep

Infrared Temperature Scanner

Features a non-contact body fever check, auto-power off, is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), and has a three-color backlit LCD display.


Certifications: CE



100 | $76.89 /unit
500 | $60.45 /unit
1000 | 59.88 /unit
10,000 | $49.98 /unit



Production | 2-3 days
Normal Shipping | 5-7 days

Nitrile Gloves

Disposable multi-purpose nitrile gloves.


Certifications: CE certificate



1,000 | $0.42/unit
10,000 | $0.33 /unit
100,000 | $0.29 /unit



Normal Shipping | 5-10 days
3-4 Day Shipping | + $0.20 per unit

Safety Goggles

Eye cover with holes.


Certifications: base price is not certified. Add $3/unit for FDA/CE certified goggles.



1000 | $7.59 /ea
10,000 | $7.14 /ea
100,000 | $6.86 /ea


TIMELINE (10K or less)

Production | 5-8 days
Normal Shipping | 5-10 days
3-4 Day Shipping | + $3.53 per unit

2oz Hand Sanitizer

75% alcohol 2oz hand sanitizer.



100 | $2.56 /unit
500 | $2.47 /unit
1000 | $2.38 /unit



Lead Time | 1-2 days
Normal Shipping | 3-7 days

Rest Assured, You're in Good Company

We are able to supply masks and PPE because of our close relationships with our partners and factories in China. They are able to call factories every day for updates and help us negotiate the best prices (under the circumstances). By physically visiting manufacturing facilities, they are able to ensure our inventory is safe and shipped as quickly as possible when completed. The same people that normally work with us every day to support our client projects are currently working to secure factory relationships that can support the demand for PPE.

Contact us to order PPE